Introducing Amperia – effortless automation for protein quantification and binding assays


1 ng/mL


4 parallel


30 minutes
assay time


96 well micro-
titer plate

Small size, great performance

Amperia is built on Redox Electrochemical Detection – RED. Protein binding is translated into an electrical signal. No optical components are needed, meaning a compact footprint and low maintenance. Detection is highly sensitive and specific, enabling application also with difficult media. Minimal sample preparation is required, simply work with the samples that you have.

Walk-away automation

Despite its small size, Amperia is an all-in-one instrument. It is compatible with standard 96-well plate and performs up to 4 measurements in parallel. After sample loading and experiment setup, Amperia takes over, so that you can relax or take care of other tasks. Come back whenever you’re free and find the results you are looking for.

Photo of 2 Amperia devices running next to each other on Lab bench.Photo of 2 Amperia devices running next to each other on Lab bench.

A flexible platform for your applications

Amperia offers a wide range of applications to match your needs. Compatibility with standard reagent and workflow guarantees simple assay development

Antibody quantification​

Quantify antibodies from crude samples using an affordable platform. Measurements take as little as 1 minute per sample. Optimize your transient expression or accelerate your cell line development programme.​

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ELISA automation​

Automate your assays with minimal setup time. Amperia is fully compatible with standard ELISA assays and reagents. Transfer existing assays to reduce manual labour or accelerate the development of new assays. ​

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Reagent identification​

Check the identity of biologics within minutes. Ensure the correct content of a vial with binding assays using Amperia. Ideal for checking incoming reagents or to ensure adequate storage of reagents prior to large experimental campaigns.​

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