Liberating the most creative minds in the world

Some of the most brilliant scientists in the world spend their days carrying out mundane, repetitive manual tasks. Hours are wasted on pipetting liquids, washing plates and waiting for results. Our goal to free scientist from this burden and to empower them to follow their passion for discovery and innovation.

Everyone is encouraged to share their ideas. The best solution wins, not the highest rank. And if things get messy, everyone has to help out.

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Flat hierarchy

We believe in fairness and transparency. That’s why the salary bands are open for all team members to see.

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No-nonsense, straightforward and pragmatic are some of the adjectives that describe us. We like do things that matter and to get those done.

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Share option scheme, 6 month paid maternity leave, part-time work are only some of our benefits.

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See open roles and meet our team

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Principal Scientist


“When I got offered a position, I accepted it within a heartbeat. The passionate team of is what makes working here so great. We are working on a challenging multidisciplinary project - our progress and success is being achieved thanks to the team”

Software Engineer


”I joined as the working culture is extremely flexible and allows me to tackle problems my own way. Every day brings something new so the job is very exciting!”



” I like working with friendly and kind people in a relaxed environment although there are a lot of things to do. We have a lot of challenges to face and things to learn and this is one of the most stimulating, interesting and enjoyable aspects of working here”