When HexagonFab was founded in 2018 we did not set out to change the world. What we set out to do instead is to create tools that empower scientists to do research faster and easier than ever before. We want to free our users from tedious tasks and to give them back their time to be creative, to follow their passion and to pursue new ideas. We want them to discover more. In a way, we help them to change the world.​

We set out on this mission with a small group of exceptional people. People with unique talents, who share a passion for creating something that has not been done before. The people who enter our laboratories and offices every day are what makes HexagonFab such a unique company. We are defined by our curiosity and optimism. We are straightforward, pragmatic, respectful and passionate. We are not afraid of failing, but we are afraid of not trying. We believe in a flat hierarchy and we’re not scared to get our hands dirty, irrespective of our position or responsibility.​

Having the honour to work with this team, is what motivates me personally to get up in the morning and to always give my best. ​​

Ruizhi Wang