Antibody quantification​

Quantify antibodies from crude samples using an affordable platform that can easily be placed at line. Measurements take as little as 1 minute per sample. Optimize the assessment of your transient expression, accelerate your cell line development programme, or gain access to at line titer readings right next to your bioreactor.

Compact size means Amperia can be operated anywhere, whether it is within a laminar flow cabinet or on a tight lab bench.​

AAV quantification

Quantifying the physical titer of viral vectors in bioprocessing is crucial for maintaining consistency, efficacy, and safety of products such as gene therapies and vaccines. Accurate measurement ensures uniformity between batches, optimizes resource utilization, and aids in regulatory compliance, streamlining the development and approval process.

Amperia allows users to automate capsid ELISAs and capture physical titer, at-line in real time. This relieves analytical bottlenecks that can be caused by the need for central analytical support.

ELISA automation​

Automate your assays with minimal setup time. Amperia is fully compatible with standard ELISA assays and reagents. Transfer existing assays to reduce manual labour or accelerate the development of new assays.​

​​Amperia’s measurement method allows for protocols not possible with traditional ELISA. Run experiments with incubation times of under a minute, repeated measurement of the same sample or track dissociation of molecules.

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