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August 4, 2023

Meet Abselion

The last few years have been nothing short of amazing – together, we have achieved remarkable milestones that we can all be incredibly proud of. From winning countless awards to securing investments, building an exceptional product, and showcasing our outstanding performance, we have left an indelible mark on the biotech industry.

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July 2, 2021

A word from our founder

When Abselion was founded in 2018 (at that time under the name HexagonFab), we did not set out to change the world. What we set out to do instead is to create tools that empower scientists to do research faster and easier than ever before. We want to free our users from tedious tasks and to give them back their time to be creative, to follow their passion and to pursue new ideas. We want them to discover more. In a way, we help them to change the world.​